July 23 - August 22


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Key features: a leader type, proud, generous, lavish, strong and capable
Best match: Aries, Sagittarius


Leo is a bright and proud ruler. You can find him or her basking in the sun, or running towards some important goal. And this is mostly some kind of essential job. Leo is usually smart enough not to waste the energy and effort. The people born under the sign of Leo know what efficiency means – if you can easily sweep the floor with proper broom, be sure they will not advise you a toothbrush ... (more)


The man born under the sign of Leo usually represents an extremely strong personality. The life force, the will for life, the courage, the confidence and the strong sense of honour are the obvious personality traits of this zodiac sign and also very motivating features for other people around. The Leo man is forgiving, has a chivalrous charm, but needs a lot of praise and recognition, even though you would not ... (more)


The Leo woman has the ability to see things not only with the human eyes, but also with the inner vision. She can take the full advantage of intuition and all her senses to assess the current situation. The personality of Leo woman is active, purposeful and independent. She likes to achieve the objectives and does not even hesitate to arrange them by force. Her goal is to live the life with broad amount of options and ... (more)

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