Leo Man

July 23 - August 22


Leo Man

The man born under the sign of Leo usually represents an extremely strong personality. The life force, the will for life, the courage, the confidence and the strong sense of honour are the obvious personality traits of this zodiac sign and also very motivating features for other people around. The Leo man is forgiving, has a chivalrous charm, but needs a lot of praise and recognition, even though you would not probably expect it by such a distinctive zodiac sign. However, such are the indisputable personality traits.

Personality Traits

Usually, Leo is not a miser. He will give you an expensive perfume from Paris for Christmas rather than a cheap sports deodorant. The proper Leo takes you right into the best restaurant and a will bring you a whole bouquet of flowers rather than one lone rose.

Leo man is often a gallant and handsome suitor. A busy social life is waiting for you, because he likes to show off with you in public. And if you choose a serious relationship, then be aware that the Leo man will care about what you do and what you think, what you wear and what friends do you have – the Leo man has often the feeling that his mate belongs to him entirely, from the body to the soul. Thus, get ready, because he will mentor your life. On the other hand, the Leo man will protect and love you. Be his audience and let him know that he is the perfect one. The brave Leo will then turn into a cute kitten.

Leos are kind and generous, but sometimes so impressed with themselves, that they are not sufficiently sensitive to the feelings of others. Yes, an inconvenient personality trait, but hard to do anything with it. Therefore they can be sometimes tactless and cruelly honest in a way, it hurts. But the reason is not that Leos would like to deliberately hurt you. Their personality is just very straightforward and they do not like plots and intrigues.

Men born under the sign of Leo are usually jealous. Certainly they will not justify your infidelity by reason. The life is not a chess game for the Leo man. How they feel, they also act. Do not forget, Leo is in fact a beast, and that affect his personality a lot. Of course, he understands that the world must have a certain order. Therefore the Leo man would hardly withstand a mate that would be significantly “bigger” (position, appearance etc.), no matter if at home or in society. The Leo man has to be the master and the king of the animals.

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