Leo Woman

July 23 - August 22


Leo Woman

The Leo woman has the ability to see things not only with the human eyes, but also with the inner vision. She can take the full advantage of intuition and all her senses to assess the current situation. The personality of Leo woman is active, purposeful and independent. She likes to achieve the objectives and does not even hesitate to arrange them by force. Her goal is to live the life with broad amount of options and to gain the profit from them, to develop the inner strength and creativity. The Leo woman is strongly influenced by instincts and sensuality what typically results also in rich erotic life.

Personality Traits

Leo women are intelligent, capable and strong. The Leo woman is certainly not a silent housewife who would sit at your feet in the evening to eagerly listen your every word. You should quickly forget on such “submissive lioness” who would humbly serve to you.

She wants to build her own career and you will be glad if you, as her mate, will manage to accommodate to this trend. When she agrees to be emotionally “possessed” by you, it may be a great concession in her pride. The Leo woman sees herself as the “luxury goods”, thus, when she allows you to court her, or even to love her, she dubs you from an ordinary man to a nobleman. You can definitely count ambitiousness, high self-esteem and boldness among her personality traits.

The Leo woman will love you but only if you prove that you are strong enough. Of course, you must not look just like Arnold Schwarzenegger (by the way, he is born also under the sign of Leo!), but she expects someone who has a good figure, strong personality, sex appeal and, if possible, also something in the wallet. To nurture a Leo woman is not easy in the end. If it is a young pubescent girl, maybe she will go with you on a hot dog, but if we are talking about a mature woman, then be aware that she will definitely not be modestly naive.

If your house resembles a shack and you look like a country bumpkin to whom straws are sticking out of shoes, frankly, then your prospects are very slim. The Leo woman wants a nice and spacious house, or rather a palace. She will also not run around in ragged sweatpants with ruffled greasy hair. It will be a lady who can be enchanted only by your grandiose dwelling and your perfection. But be careful. Arrogance, pride and the contempt of poverty are not her typical personality traits – the Leo woman simply likes certain quality and style, that is all.

Please, do not be jealous of her, if she wants to be in the centre of attention. Leos love basking in the sun. There is no easy help, because you can not quickly change the personality to anyone. And most likely no Leo woman even cares about getting appropriate advices and guidance from you (perhaps only in her capricious spending it may sometimes be necessary).

Remember that even though she may have a soft and calm character, neat personality, if necessary, she will pull out the claws and begin to struggle. Especially if she feels threatened. Her claws are hidden, but they are properly sharp!

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